The Importance of Oil Mist Filtration (Oil Mist Collector)

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The Importance of Oil Mist Filtration (Oil Mist Collector)

The Importance of Oil Mist Filtration (Oil Mist Collector)

Every workshop or factory using machining tools will likely produce oil mist. The quantity of oil mist produced can vary greatly depending on the type of equipment being used.

The main problem with oil mist is that it can harm human health if inhaled. Inhaling oil mist can cause a number of respiratory problems, including:
●    Irritation of the throat and lungs
●    Difficulty breathing
●    Asthma
●    Cancer

Inhalation of oil mist can also cause other health problems, such as skin irritation, headaches, and dizziness.
By the end of this article, you will understand the importance of oil mist filtration and why it is essential for protecting your health.

7 Reasons why you need Oil Mist Collector (Oil Mist Filtration) :

1. Maintaining Equipment Life and Preventing Fires
As a factory owner or manager, you have a responsibility to protect the health of your employees. But oil mist filtration is not just about protecting people; it is also about protecting your equipment.
Oil mist can cause a build-up of deposits on machinery, which can lead to reduced efficiency and increased wear. In some cases, this can even cause fires.
Filtration systems can help prolong your equipment's life and prevent costly repairs. For instance, if you have an air compressor, oil mist can build up in the system and cause corrosion. This can lead to expensive repairs or even the replacement of the compressor.
A good quality filtration system will remove oil mist before it has a chance to build up and cause damage. This can help you to avoid unexpected repair bills and keep your equipment in good working order for longer.

2. Oil Mist Can Be Harmful to Worker's Health
Oil mist exposure can be damaging to one's health if experienced over a long period of time. To reduce the chance of this, it is important for there to be an effective ventilation system in any facility where people are exposed to oil mist. This becomes increasingly important as millions more people join the workforce in manufacturing and industrial jobs each year.
Here are some health issues that can be caused by exposure to oil mist:
●    Eye irritation
●    Rapid heartbeat or arrhythmia
●    Fever
●    Vomiting
●    Shortness of breathing
●    Burning sensation in the mouth, throat, and stomach
●    Bronchitis
●    Contact dermatitis
●    Lipoid pneumonia
●    Rhinitis
●    Lung fibrosis
●    Bronchial asthma
●    Lung cancer
●    Eczema
●    Oil acne
With so many health risks associated with oil mist, it is clear that filtration is essential. By installing an effective filtration system, you can reduce the risk of health problems for your employees and make your workplace a safer environment.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
As well as being harmful to human health, oil mist is also bad for the environment. Oil mist can contain a range of harmful pollutants, including:
●    Hydrocarbons
●    Sulfur dioxide
●    Nitrogen oxides
●    Particulate matter
When these pollutants are released into the atmosphere, they can cause various environmental problems, such as air pollution and acid rain.


4. Meet Legal Requirements and Reduce Your Risk of Fines
Let's not forget that oil mist is also regulated by law. Almost every country has strict laws to protect workers from the harmful effects of oil mist.
If you are breaching these laws, you could face heavy fines. In some cases, you may even be put out of business.
Installing an oil mist filtration system is the best way to protect your business and ensure that you are compliant with the law.

5. High Profits
When you invest money into the building industry or factory, a portion of that money is set aside for construction and machines--this is called capital expenditure in accounting terms. As an investor, you expect high returns and profits if the machine works perfectly; however, this also reduces the chances of devaluation. Investing in oil mist filters also serves a financial purpose because it helps maintain the efficient operation of machines.

6. Ensure a Clean and Safe Workplace
A clean workplace is not only more pleasant for employees, but it is also safer. Oil mist can cause slip and trip hazards and make surfaces difficult to clean.
This can lead to a higher risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. By installing an oil mist filtration system, you can help to keep your workplace clean and safe for everyone.

7. Promising Output
Machines such as grinding and refining machines require a cooling process every day. If you don't properly maintain the machine, harmful fires could start and slow down the machine's performance.
To maintain a stable work environment, cooling at regular intervals is necessary. You can easily eliminate the oil mist by installing oil filters in the factory arrangement. This also increases work speed and optimizes overall factory operations.

Who Should Use an Oil Mist Collector?

Anyone who uses or works around machines that produce oil mist should use an oil mist collector. This includes:
●    Machinists
●    Manufacturers
●    Engineers
●    Maintenance workers
●    Factory workers
●    Industrial workers


Oil mist collectors are essential equipment for any business or facility that uses or produces oil mist. By installing an oil mist collector, you can help protect the health and safety of your employees and customers and reduce your environmental impact.
If you are the manager or owner of a business that uses or produces oil mist, ensure you have an effective filtration system to protect your people and your business.
At Koton Technologies, we offer a range of high-quality oil mist collectors to suit any application. Contact us today to find out more.